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Help Need To Know What Battery I Need.

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Welcome Paul. If it is not in your handbook. you need to measure the battery box. If you have

a motor mover, or intend fitting one, I suggest a battery of 100 amp plus, assuming it will fit in

the battery box. If you go to Numax Batteries website, you can get an idea of what you require

size and amps.

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If no mover then 80Ah will probably be okay. However if you wish to go camping off EHU then get the biggest that will fit.

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I would suggest a 110amp battery in case you want to fit a mover at a later stage. In addition, if going off grid, the battery will last longer. We have a 110amp Numax CVX31 battery bought from Tayna Batteries who deliver at a good price

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Suggest you go have a look in Halfords - they may have one or two large batteries. The large 110Ah which is smooth sided is actually a rebadged Bosch L4; if it is a 115Ah which has raised lines on the sides and ends is a rebadged Yuasa which is also another good make. They are both £89. The other make to review (but at a price) is Varta.


Take care when deciding on a battery as there a many brands of unfamiliar names are just badged car batteries that, whilst cheap, will not last very long. A good guide is that the heavier the battery of a given capacity the better will be the quality. You can find the physical size of a battery by looking at a few supplier web sites, then measure the size of the battery box. I would be very surprised if it would not take a 110/115Ah unit - especially as the only 590 I can find listed is a six berth!


There is no need to go for the very expensive glass matting or similar types - they don't last sufficiently longer to justify nearly doubling the price.


If the worst comes to the worst ring Swift and talk to their technical people on 01482 847332

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Welcome and do fit a Leisure battery rather than a car battery.


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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