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Coachman Laser 620/4


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Hello Everyone


Not having had a Caravan for some thirty years, my Wife bought me a Coachman Laser 620/4


I also changed my Discovery 4 in May 2014, only to discover that Land Rover have changed the shape of their wing mirrors on this model and I believe some other models which means they cannot supply extension mirrors, and you must use suction extension mirrors which create blind spots .


As I was not able to collect my new Caravan, the dealer delivered the unit FOC .


On a twin axle Caravan the Insurance Company insist you fit two AL-KO wheel locks as supplied with the Caravan . It is easy tine up the first axle of the Caravan to fit the AL-KO lock, but the second axle must be lifted to rotate the wheel to line up the locking point .


Has anybody experienced the impossibility of lifting this second axle with the 1. 5 Ton scissor jack supplied by Coachman . Coachman Aftercare Department consider it is an issue for the dealer, but I think Coachman have sold me a unit not fit for the purpose .


I would appreciate receiving any comments via the private letter box so we can communicate .






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Hi Michael and :welcome: to Caravan Talk.


It might be worth posting your info on the new Land Rover wing mirrors in the Towcar Talk forum area in detail to make sure as many people as possible are aware that the design has changed. ..

Developer | Caravan Talk

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