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Archie's Camping Poi's - Update 1St September 2014

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'Archie' has asked me to accounce that there is a new update to his Archie's Camping (POI's for 30,000 plus campsites, and other information useful for campers and caravanners), from 1st September 2014 - and to add the following text:

Thanks to all the visitors to my website who have sent me feedback. You will find a lot of changes in this update.

Many campsites that were missing until now have been added, inaccurate positions have been corrected and sites which unfortunately no longer exist have had to be deleted.

Please, help each other by emailing me your experiences so the data can approach perfection.

As I have a very slow internet connection here, please can I ask anyone contributing to other forums, to add the information there - unless you see a post from me already!

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