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Undersealing Your Caravan Floor

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I have wire brushed and used hammerite on surface rust under the caravans

but never saw the need to underseal the floor under the caravan.

I would imagine that anything used would have to be micro porous, so as to not

trap moisture against the wood. Does anyone actually bother undersealing?

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Some do almost as a religious event. ......spent sometime with a caravan builder, of the 60's, and he said that with modern materials he would never seal the floor,however, in 'his day' the bottom was basically bare wood and a tar coat,or similar, was needed.



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I've always had old caravans and still do, at one point I was tempted to underseal but was advised against it for the risk of trapping moisture etc

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as was told by a Car restorer you have to watch when under sealing anything as it can trap water IN creating more damage than preventing.

Most modern caravans should have a preferred coating and drainage/vents where required so re doing the sealant will be fine.


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