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New Legislation Consumer Law 30 Day Money Back


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Only read the initial aims of the legislation but it seems a good thing for everyone to know where they stand for both consumers and retailers. On something as complex as a car or caravan/motorhome I wonder if they will spell out what is considered a fault of sufficient magnitude to warrant a refund or replacement? Also some caravanners have a multitude of relatively minor problems which whilst annoying don't mean the caravan is going to fall apart. If it starts costing industry money then I assume there will be only one person paying for it, the customer!



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p15/16 spells out that a 'full refund' won't apply for cars (and similar "goods")



51. However, consultation responses revealed that it was particularly important for businesses that sell high value products with rapidly diminishing value, such as automotive retailers, to be able to deduct for use when issuing refunds, even relatively soon after purchase. This is because for complex products such as cars, repairs for a number of small faults in 6 months are not unheard of, although they are rare, so it would be disproportionately costly for the retailer to offer a full refund in such cases rather than rectifying the fault. To mitigate against undue costs to these businesses, we propose that where independent evidence exists of an active second-hand market between business and consumers for the specific goods in question, the business may make a deduction from a refund to reflect the use that the consumer has had of the goods, even within six months of purchase.

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