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Elddis Avante 576

jan jan the doorman

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I bought a special addition Elddis 576 and picked the van up just before Easter.

the layout is superb with loads of sleeping space and still a large bathroom.

The build quality is shocking:

Ø The access hatch on the” front off side” is a hatch for a battery box .(water egress)

Ø The battery box access panel is catching on the top.

Ø Large roof light sun blind is “sticking”

Ø Panel between dinette and seating erea squeaking.

Ø Bathroom handle is not moving freely, completely failed on the second week away

Ø Under cupboard light near sink not fitted straight

Ø Gap in shower door, door now completely loos.

Ø Cracked toilet cassette door.

Ø Room divider fitted and cut poorly resulting door to snag every time its being closed or opened etc etc

I just want to know if mine is the only poorly build Elddis or are there more people with similar problems.

My concern is that the clearly shoddy workman has also compromising the Solid dry bonding process.

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Well come to the forum.

There is a pretty good search function that may bring up some threads that interest you.


I was never convinced by the no nails approach, I couldn't get a straight answer on how any glued panel would be replaced.

Sounds like you may need to have the battery box re glued?

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Hi we had an avante (2012) model. exterior build was fairly good, no water ingress etc except to the gas locker, easy fix, seal on back to front, and fault on steadys (knocking when in van). both fixed by me as dealer was useless. .


interior build was shocking. our list was 3 times longer than yours, faults range from fit, to failure of electric system.


sold van,only 20 months old, did not know what was going to fail next. ..

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