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New Caravan, New Adventure


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Hi all,


I've just purchase a bailey pageant burgundy (first ever Caravan) and i'm trying to work out exactly what kit i need. One of the items is a hitch lock. I'm trying to find out which one i need for my model? Can anyone tell me the size of the battery compartment as i need to buy a 110 amp leisure battery for when i collect the caravan. The sales guy wanted to sell me a 100amp for £100 but i can buy them cheaper online. I can't just measure the compartment as the van is a fair way from me.


Any help and advice would be much appreciated and not just on the above.


Many thanks



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Hitchlock will depend on which Hitch you have.

I would have thought any good Leisure Battery, never even thought about sizeing up before have always assumed they just fit, sorry.


Welcome btw Dave.



This is not a dress rehearsal.

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Thanks Peter, my hitch is a Alko type. Sorted out the battery now but I'm glad I checked the measurements as a few would not fit. Another question, do I need mirror extensions as I've been told it's a legal requirement?

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