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Cupboard Catches

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I am trying to source several of the type of catches shown in the attached photographs. Does anyone know where these can be obtained - I could manage with the plastic threaded inserts (the white bit)



Any ideas of information received with thanks.





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If you go on ebay "plastic bolts" there is an item on there, same head shape, but in black.

Is that suitable if you could change all of them?


Mrs DIYsupplies

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2011 Land Rover Freelander 2, Lago grey 2013 Freelander Dynamic Black, followed by a 2013 Elddis 574 Magnum GT white

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The plastic bolts can be sourced from a model shop, as they are used to retain wings on some model aircraft. you can get different colours and sizes. If no model shop available in your area try the good old interweb, something like plastic wing bolts for model planes and see what pops up.


Hope this is of some help to you.

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It looks like the white plastic bolt is a later addition, I'm not sure if the original catches are still available.

These are original - they were also on a previous viking. I will try the ebay plastic screws although the heads on the latch screws are larger.

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Thanks Suandjas The heads are a little small on these number plate screws - I have tried these myself.


I have some on order from ebay so we will see how they work out. I just wondered if anyone knew if this type of catch was still in proaction anywhere but from my [extensive] searches and from the reposes on here I think not.

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