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Usb Panel?


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The area near our telly is a maze of wires as two or 3 phones and a couple of cameras all get charged via USB and the telly is plugged in to the 12v there as well. I could plug the laptop charger in there but I don't.


The 4 way car cig adaptor itself plugs into the wall but the plug isn't a very good fit so is easily disconnected by someone brushing against the wire. The telly plug then goes in the multi-way socket and it isn't a very good fit either. Worse still it can only go in one particular outlet socket as the other 3 are only about an amp each - I keep having to explain this to the family. Into some of those spare outlets in the multi-way I have put various USB adaptors - some fit well some don't fit at all (ie the centre pole doesn't reach the pin at the bottom of the socket. One USB adaptor has the side springs too close to the point and somehow manages to short out the 10 amp fuse. (Note to self - must throw that one away). Some of the USB adaptors have two oulets on them - one high power and one low power - easily confused.


I have the multiway velcro'd to the wall, but downward pressure results in it coming loose.


. .... in other words a mess.


Surely someone could design a panel that has say 3 car cig adaptor outlets and 3 USB outlets. Total permissible load would be 10 amps, but it wouldn't matter how you took this. In other words every socket could supply up to 10 amps, but there would be some kind of trip or warning light to show overload conditions.



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I am sure you can buy extension leads with three Cig lighter sockets and two USB sockets but to be permanent fixed it would need a on/off switch. To get a stable 5 volt needs some electronics and so even with nothing plugged in it still draws current. I am sure I got one from Aldi or Lidi but as yet not fitted it.


I have 6 months to do it in wife wanted to spend a fortune on a freezer so I agreed only if no more caravan holidays this year. I thought she would back down but it back fired so no more caravan holidays this year.

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i routed a 12v extension from the socket through a brushplate into the under tv cupboard, a halfords multi block is powered off that and screwed to the inside wall, it powers the tv, mifi, and has spare usb x 2 and a spare cig style socket for the air compressor.

I've also routed all the xbox, scart, aerial leads through the brushplate to keep it tidy.

Under the nearside bench I've installed an 8 way surge protected belkin mains adapter off a fused spur, 2 sockets are permanent live for the sky box and outside socket and six can be switched by remote which power an amp, xbox, airport express and leave 3 spare for chargers. You can get these with additional usb sockets fitteds as well if required.

I also have a surge protected mains adapter with 2 x usb socket outlets that can used in any single outlet.

All the 12v connections are tight on the ring multi and 12v extension lead.

I don't like cables trailing around so i prefer to keep things hidden but it might not be suitable to have it all hidden for you, i can post a pic or two later when i'm back at the van if you like


Picture of the mains unit under bench below


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I have just fitted a USB socket to the van. The one I fitted I got from here


http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/161398745068?_trksid=p2059210. m2749. l2648&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT


I picked up the 12v feed for the status aerial booster, took a separate feed off for the socket with a inline fuse holder. It too all of 10 minutes to fit.


I can take a photo tomorrow if anyone is interested

2014 VW Passat 2. 0TDI pulling a 2009 Bailey Ranger GT60 460/4.


Life is good when away caravanning

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