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Caravan Warranty's


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Hi all

I have a bailey pegasus 534 2010 model which i brought last year from a dealer which came with a years warranty from MB&G insurance services . I have been offered to renew my warranty for 24 months for £320. 00 gold cover do you think its worth the money. Bearing in mind my van has a 10 yr water ingress warranty from bailey

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look at it from a different perspective, for example if you fridge packed up, it would cost about £800-£1000 to replace, though this may never happen, for 320 you have the peace of mind that if it does you will be covered :)



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It would be rare if a fridge to need replacing as most replacement parts are available for all caravan appliances .


Check the small print what is covered as some insurances are not worth the paper they are written on .


£320 would go a long way to getting something repaired if it went wrong .


Most quote they do not cover " wear and tear " and unless something physically breaks its not covered .


Insurance is a gamble but usually with only one winner .


As you say you could keep your servicing upto date on the caravan to keep the ingress warranty .




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Caravan faults due to manufacturing tend to show up well within the original warranty period - after that you should get a decade of fault-free use - the exception being water-ingress which can occur at any time from day 1.

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