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Child Proofing Windows And Doors


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Hello All,


After two great weekends away in our new van we have realised we need to child proof the windows and doors and my 2yr old can open them all easily, the last thing I want is to wake up and find she has gone off on another adventure!


We discovered she knew how to open them when she declared that "We all need some air" and wandered over and opened them all up!




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would these help? Or drill through the window catches and fit suitcase padlocks?


http://lock-m-out. co. uk/





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we put these on the windows so we'd hear if Abi opened them!! http://www. milenco. com/products/sleep-safe-alarms/

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Hi Abigailsmum,


Those look like a good security idea to stop people getting in so I'll look more into those. But I can see there is an on/off switch on each one, that won't stop my girl LOL


Don't get me wrong, she isn't a terror, the exact opposite, Im being paranoid :)

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