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Replacing Bailey Door Lock In Bezier France


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I am currently on a site in Agde near Bezier France. On the way here someone broke into my van during my overnight stop - luckily I woke up in time and was able to chase them off. They did however force the lock on my Bailey senator California - which I now cant lock from outside. I must say it seemed VERY EASY to force to original lock - needs an upgrade I think!


I am now here and struggling to get it fixed - does anyone know of a dealer/repairer etc in this area? I have asked at the site reception - very pleasant but completely disinterested. I tried my insurers Caravan guard - "get it fixed and send us the bil to consider" - very helpful!


I could get a new barrel posted down but the old one is broken and the removal key I doubt would fit in!


Any ideas gratefully received.

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Bailey Senator California - following closely behind a land Rover Discovery 3

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Have you contacted https://www. bailey-parts. co. uk/? Perhaps they could send you a complete assembly or at least offer some advice.


Just out of interest was it broken into whilst on a site?



David - Milton Keynes

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I tried bailey they say they have a "man on the ground" in France and sent me a link - to an English company that visit France a couple of months a year. Have gone back to them regarding getting parts sent out - but may use leisureshopdirect. com who have genuine parts cheaper than bailey!


problem is the barrel is chewed up so removal tool might not be able to remove it so would need drilling out - something I haven't tried before.


It was on the A10 services near Artenay, north of Orleans.


Interestingly Bailey said they have had loads of similar requests this year.

Bailey Senator California - following closely behind a land Rover Discovery 3

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