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Triango Luna Air Awning Review


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I purchased a Luna air 390 with a new caravan earlier this year and, if it had no defects, would say it is a very nice awning; quick to put up and put away with lots of good features. Value for money if questionable; it comes with 3 spacer air tubes which keep the main support air tubes the correct distance apart. This is not enough. It needs spacer tubes at the top of the walls and also in the middle of the roof or rain collects in the middle and can bring down our awning. 3 extra tubes cost approximately £56. 00 and are not easy to find so it will be an internet purchase for most people. Add this extra essential cost when comparing this to other air awnings value and note that assembly will require 10 tubes to be inflated.

Of the 4 main tubes supplied one of mine deflated overnight the second time it was used and another deflated over about 4 hours the 4th time of erection. I haven't got to the bottom of this but I suspect the seals on the air valves where the tubes are inflated and deflated. The main snag with Triango is that they are a French firm, have very few dealers in this country and have a strict guarantee claims policy that the complete awning must be returned to the dealer from whom it was purchased at your expense and this is a very heavy and bulky item and, with so few dealers, many purchases will be on line or some distance away as is ours. They are not contactable except by letter and they have ignored mine.

So unless you are able to purchase from a very local dealer, are prepared to be without a complete awning for weeks whilst your goes back to the manufacturer in France for them to decide whether air tube leaks are your fault, are prepared to buy the (essential in my opinion) missing support tubes at extra cost my advise is that the Triango Luna Air awning is best not purchased.

I would appreciate comments from other users to see if mine is an outlying experience and how they got defects remedied but please refrain from telling me that you have used yours at the top of Mount Everest for ten years with no trouble unless you are prepared to let me have yours free gratis and post free.

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Update by ARBORLINDEN to this topic.


Received email from Trigano France asking what size tube defective. Replied as follows:


Dear Laurence
We have 390 purchased new. One of the 400 tubes deflates overnight. Our dealer is many miles away and states the whole awning has to packed up and returned to you France to be assessed for fault and blame. He is not on your list of authorized UK dealers and I suspect he is a box shifter. The cost of returning and the loss of the whole awning for most of the season does not seem a sensible action to replace one component part which can be returned for inspection in the post so we have lived with the defect though it obviously spoils the enjoyment of a very nice awning. As we have not any prospect of any guarantee backing we sought to purchase a new 400 tubes to replace the defective one and we also sought to purchase two 124 and 100 as we feel the awning needs the extra support in our rainy climate. We can find nobody who is able to sell us any of the tubes within traveling distance and we are a little unhappy about mail purchase as our experience (above) leads us to believe that the products are not backed up by any manufacturer customer service system and dealers can be unwilling to help once they have made a sale.
Our choice therefore is between cutting our loses by purchasing a UK air awning from a manufacturer who, caravan talk forums say have good customer service and binning the Luna 390 or purchasing a new 400 tube knowing that if any of the other 3 400's fail we will have no support or taking a chance that no more failures will occur. A bit of a gamble



No response yet!


We do like the air tube concept and are more or less resigned to accepting that we have been had and we will have a good look at more reliable makes at the Caravan Show but make sure we actually purchase from a local dealer. we can sue in a local Court if worse comes to worse.

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Update on Luna Air 360 air tube leakages.


An year after we bought this awning with leaky air tubes we received a replacement tube arranged by the UK importer who we spoke to at the NEC show: our dealer not wanting to know. We installed it and it leaked straight away.

Now we had a total of 5 tubes; 4 original and one replaced under guarantee of which 3 leaked including the new one.

On investigation we found out that all the tubes were leaking from the inflation valves and no amount of cleaning or tightening stopped the leaks. I purchased a set or rubber washers and replaced or added to the two rubber seals on each valve with ones of the same size but thicker. All 3 valve leaks were stopped.

For anyone who has a Triango air awning leakage problem I would recommend trying this solution as I have formed the opinion that the manufacturers supplied seals are too thin to seal properly.

As a result of this DIY solution we now have a serviceable awning we are pleased with. We could not recommend Triango products to anyone however as we feel that the with a French manufacturer, only one UK importer and unenthusiastic dealer support any UK product will probably be a better deal

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