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A Bad Experience


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When up in Derby on holiday my wife and I visited and, regretfully with hindsight, placed an order with a local dealership for a new single bed Elddis Chatsworth 574. The salesman was fine. We paid a deposit and went home reasonably happy. I had questions, so I emailed them via their web site. .no response. Eventually had to phone the salesman direct to get my answers.
When we went to collect our new caravan was when the after sales service really came to the fore. They were rude, unhelpful, gave no consideration to my wife's inability to stand for any length of time (blue badge holder), were not allowed to park near our new caravan. Even the awning exchange was badly conducted with the man who new about it (we had phoned and booked one) stayed on the phone for all the time. Even the financial lady was discourteous. Throughout the 3. 25 hours there we were not offered a drink, or anything. The demonstrator even told us to take some door straps off as the construction was poor and it may break the frame!
Despite taking delivery (bad move) we went home and as a result of our awful experience neither my wife, nor I wanted anything to do with this caravan. We have traded it in and lost a lot of money.
I would hope no one else has such a poor experience with this local dealership. Be warned.

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