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Which Club Is Cheapest For Brittany Ferries

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As the topic title suggests my question is if I were to travel on the Portsmouth to Caen afternoon ferry and the Caen to Portmouth morning ferry next summer booking my site or camping vouchers through the clubs which is the cheapest discounted ferry travel.


I find the CC site is easier to use to figure out the base ferry price, I put my desired ferry journey in and then add 10 camping vouchers then subtract £149. 5 from the price, which gives me a ferry price of around £250 return with the caravan out late June return mid July. I know that when i book the sites with the ferry in October when bookings open I will pay around that price.

However the C&CC web site is not as simple to use. So are the ferry prices comparable/identical between the clubs.





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Probably. ...........friend books outward CC,home C&CC.



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If the websites are complicated why not just phone each Club and ask their cheapest ferry price (with and without cheques) . And some people say that booking via Camping Cheques plc - with their minimum of 3 cheques - is worth consideration, so phone them too for a price.

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