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Hi I've just joined - we live in France and are currently staying in our caravan long(ish) term.


Am interested in the issues people have had with portable Wi-Fi - we bought a Wi-Fi dongle from Orange here in France called 'Let's Go 3', with 3 gb which you can top up (recharge) online 1 or 7 day, 1 month or 6 months. You can join all your laptops and mobiles to it. We started off recharging, with the 6 months one (35 euros) thinking if would last ages, but it only lasted us about 2 weeks! Strangely the 20 euro top up lasted longer . ..


Anyway then Orange brought out a contract for the portable Wi-Fi dongle, whereby you can open an account for 18. 99 euros per month if you're here long term (as the contract is for a year) and get 4gb. We're now trying that so will let you know how it goes. ..


Interested to note that there are sites which offer Wi-Fi, we're in a 2 star camp near to our French home and they don't have it - this is our first time caravanning, so all very interesting on here - thanks for the comments!

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