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Wheel Clamp And Hitch Lock

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I think this model has the Alko stabiliser hitch. If so then you can get a few different hitch locks.


Alko do their own http://www. al-ko. com/shop/uk_vt/products/caravan-accessories-1/caravan-security/security-device-aks-2004-3004. html which can be used while towing although there are arguments whether you should tow with it on or off.

The genuine Alko one is expensive but shop around or try ebay for a 2nd hand one.


Milenco also do one and Milenco products have a good reputation. http://www. milenco. com/products/hitchlocks/super-heavy-dutyb-3004-hitchlock/


Wheel clamp/lock. Not sure if you can get an Alko one but there are loads of wheel clamps on the market but try to get an insurance approved one or Sold Secure.

http://www. milenco. com/products/wheelclamps/


Hope this helps a little

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romeorees, on 25 Aug 2014 - 09:17 AM, said:romeorees, on 25 Aug 2014 - 09:17 AM, said:

New to caravanning and need help purchasing a wheel clamp and hitch lock. It's for a Avondale agente 2004, twin axle 640-6


When we used to caravan we had a Bulldog wheel clamp.


http://www. barriersdirect. co. uk/car-security-mirrors-signage-c1171/car-security-c1037/bulldog-230-f-titan-wheel-clamp-p4764?shopping&gclid=Cj0KEQjw7IWgBRCjv8Cv4vfC3ckBEiQAE7nvR4bbfrg1uq2RQ4-7QaAG3RmavKHPuDVoCOeJdzRMy6QaAusb8P8HAQ


Very solid, but because of this quite heavy and a bit of a pain to store while on the move. Very good though. It could be a bit of a fiddle fitting on our twin axle Swift Conqueror but with a bit of practice it got easier. 'Sold secure' so pretty resistant to theft (noting of course no device will 100% guarantee your van wont get nicked).


If we do get a 'van next year this would be my choice again.


(Others may post with more up to date recommendations than mine)

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I'm happy with my Excalibur wheel lock.


It is only for alloy wheels, it fits the AlKo receiver or you can use its own receiver.


The benefit of using its own receiver is that you do not have to align wheels with the AlKo receiver/s and if you have the clamp on two wheels, that makes it dead easy to put them in place.


http://www. purpleline. co. uk/products-excalibur. php


They do a hitch lock too! Just click on products

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