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Water Pump Failure


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Hi everybody can somebody give me some advise on problem I have got with my Bailey Valencia 2011,


the problem is my Whale smart flo water system. ...



No water to the kitchen sink or bathroom sink also toilet does not flush.

pump does not operate in sinks or toilet.


I have checked fuses in the mains box and all OK,

​and disconnected the control panel lead and checked the operation of both pumps via the wiring loom from the control too both pumps and they work. :rolleyes:


My conclusion faulty control panel?

Control panel ordered and connected and still pumps did not work.

sorry worked once, then I turned of then on then they stopped working :(


any advice would be appreciated and thanks for your replies in advance

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Very confusing post! I was not aware that the Whale smartflo diaphragm pump had anything to do with the toilet at all other than using the same 12v supply.

Are you getting 12v output tested at various locations? Do you have 12v to the pump switch at the control panel?

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Have you used it since the winter and was it thoroughly drained?



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Are other your other 12 volt appliances working? Are the 12 volt lights working?


When the pump worked briefly and then stopped was that 12volt supply dead afterwards, or was it the pump that worked briefly then stopped.


Need to do some testing on the 12 volt electrics, with multi-meter, or test bulb, to work out where there is and where there isn't a 12 volt supply.

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