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I have a 2014 Swift with Alde heating fitted,the heating and hot water work OK on electric,however when i change over onto gas I get a message fan failure,the pump is shown as operating correctly. When I looked at the handbook it says to disconnect the 12 volt from the boiler to restore the fan. However there is no diagram to show where the disconnection should be made on the bolier. Has anyone come across this, where should I disconnect the 12 volt


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Hello there.


"Fan Failure" is a very specific error message, and in a new vehicle usually indicates the combustion fan is stiff.


Under the service hatch of the boiler is the 12 V cable. It plugs in between the two green fuse holders. Unplug this cable from the boiler and count to 20. Plug it back in.


Now try operating the system on gas heating again.


It should only take three attempts. What usually happens is the stiffness loosens off and the fan runs correctly from then on.

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Have tried disconnecting but still does not operate properly. Delay in reply due to extended visit to USA Any further suggestions

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For further investigation of "Fan Failure" error message, you would check:


12 V supply (if it's too low or instable, the fan won't reach sufficient speed)

Fan cable (is the fan cable still plugged into the fan and PCB?)


Checking the fan cable will require removing the service hatch from the boiler, so you should check with your vendor before doing so, as it may invalidate their warrranty conditions. The 230 V and gas internal connections will also be accessible after the service hatch is removed, so the work should only be undertaken by a competent person.

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