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Alde Hot Water


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Quick question ref our 2011 Bailey Unicorn Valencia;


(We're going to watch the Alde panel video on Youtube tonight so that might help. ...but!)


Only used the 'van on 12v - not on EHU.


Recently we seem to be only able to get hot water by using the "boost" button/setting on the panel. This is supposed to only be an add-on when you need extra hot water but seems to be the only thing that activiates hot water at all.


Are we missing something? We have read the manuals over and over but cannot fathom this as some of it seems to be contradictory. The manual implies that you can only get hot water when the heating is on (by referring to the thermostat tempoerature settings), which cannot be right.


Any help appreciated!

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Have you got the Alde heating switched on at the panel?


The heating has to be on for the hot water to work, in order to stop the radiators warming up set the temperature below whatever the ambient heat in the caravan is, as it is triggered by a thermostat this will ensure the actual heating is off but your water will still warm up.


Hope this helps



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We have an Alde. The heating needs to be on to get hot water. However that does not mean that the heating is actually heating the van. Heating on and turn the temperature setting for the heating levels in the van down below ambient temperature and the boiler will heat and heat the water but not the rest of the van.


Snap Davros :)

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I seem to remember there was a similar problem reported on here not long ago.

I believe the solution is to do a factory reset, which is explained in the manual.


Edit: Alde are a member of this forum so may step in with the correct advice.


Edit2: here's the topic I was thinking of - see if it applies to your situation.

http://www. caravantalk. co. uk/community/topic/96897-alde-heating/?hl=%2Balde+%2Bhot+%2Bwater

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Boost sets a higher water temperature, so its possible that the lower temperature stat has failed.

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Hello there.


Yes, all good advice here.


If you set the desired temperature to 10 C, for example, the convectors and radiators won't heat up unless the indoor temperature drops to 10 C. Meanwhile, you will still have hot water.


If you don't, and can only obtain hot water by turning on the hot water boost, this indicates continuous pumping is active. (This is used by a service agent to test the circulation pump in hot weather, but should be deactivated afterwards.)


The quick and easy solution is to restore factory defaults by resetting the Alde control panel. On a 2011 Bailey Unicorn, press and hold the Store Reset button and count to 20.

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You will need to select heating 'ON', either electric 1,2 or 3 KW or 'GAS' on. turn thermostat down to below ambient say 5 degrees to test. On the far right the heating pump indicator two circular arrows should not show, indicating central heating not required. If you see the the two circular arrows then as above by ALDE Rep. This should give hot water within 15minutes.

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