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Fiamma Sun Canopy


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If you are talking about the Fiamma Caravanstore - yes the bag stays attached to the caravan on the awning rail. Thread on the same way that you would an awning. There are no further attachments to the caravan but there are two soft pads which fit between the caravan and the bag to stop any rubbing on the caravan. The sun shade then simply rolls out of the zipped bag.


We have kept ours on the caravan winter and summer for 3 years and always use it. Wasn't cheap but we are very pleased with it.



David and Barbara

Landrover Discovery with Hobby 495

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We have a fiamma caravanstore. Yes it stays on the van, we only take it off for the winter, there are two blocks with screws in them that go in the awning rail, one each side of the awning bag that locks it in place when the screws are tightened into the rail. If you do buy one make sure you spray the awning rail insert with silicon spray before trying to get it in the rail and also we opened the awning rail on the top of the caravan so it goes in horizontally without going around bends.


Kia Sportage towing Lunar Ultima SE

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