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Tom Tom Caravan Mode

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Hi all,I've the new tom tom with the caravan and car mode,unsure if I have set it up properly as whilst in sarlat I wanted to go to Calais,put details into sat nav and there was two hours differance surely this isn't right,like I say ime not big on technology :( so could have set it up wrong,I have a 2008 tdci titainium mondeo and a baey pegasus Ancona 1484mtplm

I think hope this makes sense thanks Daz.

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Did you look at the differences on the map to see where it was taking you on the two journeys? Mine is set to Camper mode all the time and I don't notice any particular differences. However it might be taking you out to the nearest motorway to avoid a cross country route.



David - Milton Keynes

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Sarlat to Calais is a long way. In car mode it will assume a far higher average speed. In Caravan mode it will be presuming the French Speed limit for car towing caravan.


If still in Sarlat you must do the Market day.

Kia KX 3 auto / Bailey Alicanto Grande Estoril and Swift Challenger 570 (2010 model Not towed - used as a static)

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Home last we'd Alan loved it

Nope. ..


Not even after reading this five times can I decipher it ;)

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