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Help On Tow Car

Big DL

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Hi, totally new to this forum and caravanning in general.


Bought a cheap Compass Rallye 460 (1991) and now in the market for a new car, the scenic DCI was due too be sold anyway but after towing we realised how bad it was.


Anyway we are torn between two cars, both 4 x 4, should we buy a 2. 2 diesel Rav 4 or the new style 2014 Nissan X trail 1. 6 dci. I was thinking 16 sounds too small but it has a 2000Kg max tow weight but is only 1650kg kerb weight.


I know both will easily pull our caravan as only 950 KG but would like to future proof for something bigger


Wife really wants the X trail but I don't want to spend 30K only to find out later its no good.


Hope your a friendly bunch and can offer some advice.






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Hi Big DL and welcome to CT, I think both would be good tow cars but If it was me deciding I would go for the Rav4, main reason being, if in the near future you get the caravan bug big time and want something heavier you'd be ok towcar wise.

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Welcome and I agree that the bigger engine would be best. Some people on this forum think a 1. 6 engine is only just enough.


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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