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Sterling Eccles - What Switch Is What?


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we have just bought a 2006 Sterling Eccles Opal after being out of caravanning to 14 yrs - I have read the owners manual supplied but it is all double dutch to me - what I need to know is what switches need to be on when towing to keep fridge working and what switches need to be on/off when hooked up to mains

Also if battery has been off charge for a good few months how long does it take to charge etc.

We parked it up at our storage area today and tried plugging into the mains there via a three pin plug attachment and couldnt' seem to get anything to work!!! even though I seemed to have it working when connected to car

totally confused

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Firstly if your battery is totally flat, you may have lost it. Take it to Halfords or local garage and have them check it.

Secondly you say nothing worked when you hooked up to 230v. Does that include the 230v circuits, ie 13amp sockets and usually 2 lights.

If no 230volts, look for the C. U.(FUSE BOARD) check it is switched on, and with 230v plugged in press the test switch on the C. U. main switch, it should trip out. If not then your lead or socket you are plugged into could be faulty.

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