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Condensation In The Double Glazed Front Window


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I have condensation between the panels in the double glazed front window. I notice that there are two small clear plastic plugs in the inner pane do I remove those to let it dry out?


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An article by Polyplastic; the caravan window manufacturer:-

Why it can occur?
At this time of year we receive several calls and letters of query regarding condensation forming within the glazing on some
caravan windows. The drastic changes of temperature and the moisture in the air both contribute towards the temporary
condensation, that disappears as quickly as it appears. The whole phenomenon is purely related to ambient temperature changes
of caravan versus window cavities.

It is a popular misconception that acrylic caravan windows are vacuum sealed. This is not so. The windows in a caravan can,
as with domestic glazing, be susceptible to temporary condensation if the temperature difference between inside and outside
changes quickly and/or dramatically i. e. if a cold caravan is heated quickly using the heater or by the sun. This can be
exaggerated particularly so if the ventilation within the caravan is not sufficient; bedding or possessions can sometimes block
factory fitted vents for example.

How to overcome it?
Condensation can occur when. the humidity inside the caravan exceeds 60% and ventilation is insufficient- To overcome this,
please consider the following- -

• Improve Ventilation
1) Leave roof light open.
2) Add to the ventilation by fitting more improved ventilators.
3) Put windows onto night-vent position.
4) Leave doors open between compartments.
5) Ensure that factory fitted ventilation is not obstructed.

• Self-help Tips
1) Do not wash crockery last thing at night, it creates moisture in the air.
2) Do not boil water last thing at night and empty all water from: kettles etc.
3) Remove flowers or vases containing water from sleeping quarters.
4) Keep temperature at night to a minimum' (hot air contains water vapour).
5) Increase ventilation to above normal in inclement or very wet weather.

N. B You cannot expect to eliminate condensation completely but following the hints above will help towards a more comfortable

Polyplastic UK Sales Office: Russell Sales Limited, Eastern Avenue, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, DE13 0BB

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I used to get one window mist up internally after the sun had been on it.

I removed the plugs until it cleared (be very careful to store the plugs)

then replaced them. I used circuit board cutters to very (very) gently pull

them out.

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Speaking from experience . .


fasten a piece of fine mesh of some sort over the holes while the plugs are out . . flies like to climb through them and then can't find there way out . .

Roughing it . . but in comfort . .

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