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Kampa Air Pro 390 Question


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Up till now I've been quite happy pumping up the awning. But I've just bought one of those Locknlevel wheel lifts and needed a 12 volt pump for that. So now I'm thinking mmmm perhaps I can stop the pumping lol.


So I bought a Ring RAC 640 pump which also has the facility to do air beds, dinghies etc with a lower pressure pump and automatic cut out at the desired pressure.


Anyone know what the ideal pressure for our awning is please? And the maximum pressure?



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Tried that with my 12 volt tyre pump the problem is to inflate my 390 it took nearly an hour!! they are very slow, kind of defeats the object of the air awning.




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http://www. kampa. co. uk/caravan-awnings/air-awnings#sohowdoesitwork


"Ideal operating pressure is between 8 and 12 psi and the poles are tested to 22 psi, a pressure that is not possible to reach using either the supplied pump or the optional electric pump."


Hope that helps.




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First time I used the hand pump I thought it was hard work but now I've done it a few times it's not so bad - must be doing me good :lol:

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