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'99 Volvo V40 2.0I Petrol (Non Turbo)


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after my trusty 2. 1 td peugeot 406 became less trusty and went bang, i needed a car that could transport me, my other half, my teenage stepdaughter, my newborn baby boy and 4 dogs, and this 1999 T plate V40 fitted the bill, it was cheap(ish) and ticked all the boxes, plus most importantly, was available to collect and drive away the same day my former car died, it was ideal.


Towing i have to say was somewhat of an afterthought, it doesnt have a towbar but i have one on the way that ill fit in the week, so im ready for the bank holiday weekend where ill be having my first tow with this outfit.


Its about 150kg lighter than the pug was, and has about 25bhp more power according to book figures, but owing to how the power delivery is so much different between TDs and petrols, plus how it feels in general to drive, i have a feeling that pulling my 1990 abbey 516 gt (1250kg MTPLM) with it is going to be a less than enjoyable experience.


In short, does anyone have any experience of this particular car when pulling something of a similar weight, as all i have are visions of when i was about 11 going away with my parents in a 1. 8l petrol ford sierra and a 4 berth bailey that was about 1100kg, and it was absolutely terrible.

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