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Status 530 Tv Aerial


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Hi there! Can anyone tell me how to get at the fm radio antennas on the Status 530 in order to extend them for radio reception? Can't help thinking that there must be an easy way? Perhaps I

need a ladder??? Many thanks. David.


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They will usually work quite well as they are without the rods being pulled out. However being horizontal by default they are directional.


If the transmitter site being used for TV is also a radio transmitter site then it will work without problem; if the transmitter site for TV is a relay with vertical polarisation it matters not where the FM transmitter is - it will work; but if the TV is horizontal and the radio is not co-sited or in a similar direction (or the opposite direction) then it will be rather hit and miss.


The best solution is to get a separate radio aerial such as the small amplified telescopic marketed by Ring. You will also then have the benefit of being able to receive AM as well - which won't work through the Status.


Don't go for a VHF/DAB replacement radio as you will have a similar problem since DAB is vertically polarised.

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If you get stuck with no radio you can always try 'watching' it through Freeview on the TV. Not quite as convenient as just turning the radio on but better than nothing.

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Hi guys - the rods are not for FM radio reception - here's an excerpt from the Status instructions:


FM Radio Connection

Status is designed to receive FM radio when connected to a car-style radio.

1. This will require a coaxial car radio plug, a coaxial plug and a length of coaxial cable, which are available from our Vision Plus Range.

2. Once the cable has been installed, plug into the TV- FM socket of the Power Pack and into your Radio.

IMPORTANT You DO NOT need to extend the telescopics for FM radio reception.


We never, ever needed to extend the rods when we had a 530 . The rods are designed to work with VHF TV reception overseas according to the instructions and the rods must never be extended when the aerial is in a vertical position, for obvious reasons!

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Thanks so much for the replies. I obviously don't need to extend the rods!.I must be in a poor reception area at the moment so will


resort to listening to radio on Freeview.


Many thanks . David.

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Status may say no need but as FM is Band II and VHF TV (was) Band I and Band III it makes sense they will have an effect.

You do need a step, ladder or access via a rooflight to extend them.

However on some recent (550?) aerials they are not extendable.

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