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Led Lights


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Went to IKEA yesterday and was impressed with the choice of 240 volt LED bulbs available. They also had some low voltage strip lights.

Might be an option for some.

See. http://www. ikea. com/gb/en/catalog/categories/departments/living_room/20514/


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Yes ikea have a good range of led bulbs, but they are at the bottom of the performance league, they just aren't bright enough. Good led bulbs are going to cost at least a tenner before you get something decent, the technology is still growing in this area and is definately the way forward.

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We've got a house full of LED's from Ikea now. - we've been fitting them to new fittings as we renovated the house.

They give off loads of light, (GU10 fitment) are a good Color and as yet, we haven't had one go. .. Unlike the Cree bulbs I bought!


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