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Thetford Fridge Condensation/water Issue


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We travelled through Europe for 6 months last year without problems, and have done 4 months this year!

But in the last month we have been having a problem with water collecting in bottom of fridge, and leaking onto floor!

We tend to travel for 3/4 hours so fridge is on battery, then stationary for a week on electric.

We have defrosted the fridge completely( there was a build up up of ice ) but it's still doing it.

Any suggestions?

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The hole to the evaporator outside (well in the area behind the fridge where the vents are) may well be blocked with something?


This hole is where the white plastic forms a shallow V at the back of the fridge below the ice box. It's designed to collect the water condensing on the alloy fins inside, take it out the back where it's evaporated from a metal bowl on the heated fins there.


Same as fridges at home work typically.

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