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Took The Plunge, Bought A Kojack For The Orion. Not Without Problems!


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Ordered the Kojack, what came was for a twin axle (TA). Not a problem it fits just the same, but with a bracket either side of the chassis for twin axles. Double strength for the extra weight, so I decided to fit as for the TA.


I tackled the near side to start, I had to slide out the spare wheel carrier first and shift it towards the rear of the van.


Offering up the Kojack brackets was a bit fiddly and the concrete slabs I was laying on, don't seem to be as forgiving as they used to be!! Much easier to do up the bolts with the air gun, so out came all the necessary equipment. They went on fine, just to finish off with the torque wrench and the job's a good-un! Well not quite. The side spirit level fouls the spare wheel carrier. The level was removed!



Now to do the off side.


I decided to do that from underneath the van, so shuffled under on my back, bringing all the bits and bobs with me bit by bit. Offered up the Kojack bracket and there was something in the way.


DRAIN PIPES!!!! Cardiff-20140812-00308_zps31c0bc9c.jpg I muttered a few choice words and shuffled back out, brought all my equipment in and gave up for the night. :angry:


At least I can jack up the nearside. :rolleyes:

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Fitted the same to my van this year. Had to remove the spirit levels as they got in the way but to be honest they are too difficult to see in situ anyway. I still use the two way level I have just inside the door.

Have to say it's a great piece if kit for levelling and makes light work of it. I also have an adjustable axle stand which I then place under the chassis when level and then remove the bottle jack. Fortunately I don't have the waste pipes in the same place so didn't have that joy.

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A bit of pulling apart of the offending pipes and joints and I installed the offside Kojack.


A bit shortening of the pipe from the wash basin and a bit of re-routing led to bits left over.




All nicely in, with only one join made with Duck Tape (a tool kit on a roll!)









The spirit level that fouled the spare wheel rack, was of course removed.

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Had to move the pipework on our Lunar as well.

The spirit levels are a waste of time anyway so no loss there! Far too short to be anywhere near accurate.

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