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New Service Station Guide - Worth Bookmarking

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Just received news of a handy little tool from Club Care insurance, they've created a Service Station Guide, which maps out some of the best service stations in England and gives a great table of information on each one, including info such as "Dedicated caravan bays", "Overnight stay for caravanners", "Caravans hidden behind HGVs when parked" and more. ..


What do you think? Worth a bookmark?


Full press release as follows:



Long journey ahead? Plan your stops this summer with the new service station infographic!

Created to provide caravanners with the essential information needed when planning their trips this summer, this Club Care Insurance infographic offers information on service stations in England; from where a designated caravan parking area can be found, to how long caravanners can stay for free at each stop.

As a company with a detailed knowledge of the caravanning lifestyle and the issues it can present, Club Care Insurance knows how difficult it can be to plan ahead and take a break when on the road with a caravan; taking into account security implications and the ease with which they will be able to park.

The Club Care Insurance service station infographic aims to help caravanners by providing details on:
● Which service stations offer dedicated caravan parking bays.
● The amount of time you can park at each service station for free.
● The cost of parking following this free period.
● Whether you can park overnight.
● If the caravan bays are visible from the service station building.
● Whether other vehicles will be moved if parked in the dedicated caravan bays.
● And finally, if there is a chance a caravan could be hidden behind an HGV when parked, making it more susceptible to theft.

Nigel Coppen, Client Director at Club Care Insurance, said “Whenever you are going on a long journey it is important to take regular breaks. Unfortunately theft of caravans or contents within the caravan can happen at motorway service stations, so knowing you can plan your journey with stops at caravan-friendly service stations provides added peace of mind.”

To use the new Club Care Insurance service station infographic to plan your summer break, please visit: www. clubcareinsurance. com/servicestationguide



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Yes. We found the Gretna Green services during the games and they were the first we had ever liked so we wondered if there was such a site.


Good call.


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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Just checked it against a couple of my regular stops and it's quite accurate, so definitely worth a bookmark.


But I also use Google Street View to check out unvisited stops to determine how caravan friendly they are.

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Useful information! I assume n/a means not available. ....why? It should be easy enough to obtain. I

use Beaconsfield a lot, and considering it's size and location, it is not very caravan friendly.

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We called in three on way home from Shrewsbury last month. ..none of which had any space for the lorries never mind the caravans. ....M62!




p,s best one this month on way to Nuneaton was Tibshelf around the back. .........

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Not sure if they've compressed the info too much.


If I recall Strensham north and southbound have different arrangements for caravans, with southbound mixing you in with HGVs and northbound having a dedicated set of caravan bays, that are regularly 'invaded' by white van man and anyone else who wanders in.


It would be useful to know what facilities there were, like M&S/Waitrose

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When travelling to distant sites, we always overnight at motorway services & this is our experience so far:


M74 Cairn Lodge svcs: Not a good overnight as services are not 24hrs. Therefore car park empty so you don't have to mix with the trucks. Used this only once as felt a bit vulnerable with cars coming & going during the small hours.


Hamilton northbound: Mixed in with trucks, but ok if you can reverse park up to the building. Stayed here about 4 times.


M90 Kinross svcs: Head for the overflow car park ( a little tight as you enter through the normal car park ) but you're away from the trucks & quite close to the facilities. Stayed here 3 or 4 times.


M56 Chester svcs: Stayed here twice both times signs pointed to the bottom car park for caravans so mixed in with the odd car as this is furthest from facilities.


M40 Cherwell Valley svcs: Has a dedicated layby for caravans, but have seen trucks & vans also parked in it & never seen anyone challenged. Stayed here twice & always managed to use the layby.


M5 Strensham south svcs: stayed here the most times. Signs point you to the truck parking areas but after speaking to a manager a couple of years ago we now always head for the overflow car park away from the trucks. Never had any problems there.


M42 Tamworth svcs: Our latest "find". Again you are directed to the truck parking area, but on asking staff the advice was " you can park where you like as long as you pay" so we overnighted in the coach parking area. paid our £12 & had a very peaceful nights sleep.


A1, Cambridge services: Dedicated caravan area at side of main carpark, but quite small & very expensive at £20


Our experience is that as most motorway services are now using ANPR systems, as long as you pay the amount charged for a car ( & not that charged for a HGV ) there is no comeback.

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