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Camp Site Suggestions Roughly Neufchatel-En-Bray-Ish?

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Could I have suggestions of overnight campsites, please, in the rough vicinity of Neufchatel? I've emailed Ste Claire but not heard back from them yet, so wanted to try approaching a couple of others to see if they have late availability. I'd like to get further than Abbeville, otherwise we may as well just stay at the Baie de Somme, and I don't think we'll get as far as Le Havre or Caen. Easy access would be good, as the chauffeur will be getting a bit weary by then, and showers (to save filling the water) and hook up would be welcome - other than that, I don't think we have any requirements.

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Le Clos Cacheleux near Miannay. ACSI site, steep access, big pitches, clean modern showers, and EHU

Val de Trie next door is tight and dark.

If you are arriving fairly early in the afternoon St Claire is only 2km off the autoroute and is worth calling in as a lot of people use it for an overnight stop. There is large Supermarket nearby with cheap fuel, plus Aldi and Lidl.

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