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Rimor New Polaris


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Hi, I'm Nibby and my wife Linda live by the sea in Devon, we are new to caravanning but had a pennine folding camper for the last 3 years. We needed a 4 berth caravan that could be towed by our Renault Scenic Mk 3 Dci. We were limited to a choice of one caravan at Martins of Exeter for our car. We bought a Rimor LM 480 New Polaris Veloce 2010 model. It is absolutely wonderful and as new condition barely used. Searching the net our caravan was the one used for several reviews by the caravan industry All were impressed by the ingenious layout, huge bed quality cabinetry and lovely lighting. I stumbled onto this site and felt I had to add my opinion to the malicious blog against Rimor new polaris caravans which may have contributed to the importer going bust. My van is part of that original range of New Polaris introduced in 2010. I think the blogger may have had interests in the UK caravan industry or a gripe with the importer. My van is very well built and in no way resbles the bloggers New Polaris bought in 2010. Rimor has an excellent reputation for building quality motor homes, any evidence that the bloggers bad expience was down to Rimor is unlikely items which alledgedly failed were NOT made by Rimor. The sad upshot is that UK caravanners was denied the option of buying a caravan that officially offered more internal volume than any like for like lengthed caravan made in the UK.

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Welcome Nibby and Linda.


When I saw your post, I thought you had bought yourselves a missile carrying submarine.

I have googled your caravan and it does look quite well appointed. So have fun guy's, travel well and tow safe!!



мы приходим невидимый - HM Submarines Conqueror, Churchill, Renown, Onslaught, Ocelot, Porpoise

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