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New Caravan To Me(Which One To Buy)


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Ok chaps & chapesses

I have the choice of buying 2 caravans( i have whittled the choice because of layout etc)

The choice is a Lunar Galaxy DS 5 berth (2005) or Sprite Major 5 berth (2006).


Which one would u buy and why ?



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Lunar for me, not because I've got one but toilet/shower is a big selling point in my eyes. The Lunar has a separate shower and toilet, the Sprite does not. We use ours, some people prefer to use the site facilities, but at least you have the option in the lunar, if one one your children our court short and mum or dad are in the shower they can still go. Each to there own I know. ... Every van we looked at if the shower and toilet were combined we wouldn't even bother looking at the rest of it. But at the end of the day, it's your choice. Layout is very important, get it wrong and you will regret it. .. Happy hunting :)

Citroen ds4 2. 0 hdi 163bhp Lunar Venus 500 2012.

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