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Intermittent Fault With Caravan's Lh Indicator


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We've had an intermittent fault with the LH Indicator for a month or two now. When hitching up we've had to waggle the cable until it started working which was always a bit hit or miss. ... !


Not knowing whether it was the car or the caravan's 13 pin socket/plug I bought a gadget off Ebay that you plug into the car's 13 pin socket and you can sit in the driver's seat and test the cars pins. Little LED's light up telling you which one's are working. This suggested there was nothing wrong with the cars 13 pin socket.


So today I decided to sort it out. I undid the caravan's 13 pin plug and slit the cable wrap so that I could get a bit more room to see what was going on inside the plug and . ... low and behold the yellow wire that should have been in the No 1 pin hole was adrift ! Well that was easy wasn't it . ..... NO !


You need one hand to shove it back into the hole with some thin nosed pliers, one hand to screw the little screw in, and two more hands to hold the whole thing together so that the wire stays in and the pin doesn't move ! Anyway one hour later - after the little screw falling out and the pin turning round repeatedly - I eventually managed to get the bloomin' thing in and tightened up ! Hoorah ! Tested it, then put it all back together being careful not to pull or twist the cable and luckily it was all still working ! Thank goodness !


I think it was caused by my twisting of the cable before hooking up so that it doesn't drag. I have now put a bungee cord round the cable to keep it from drooping.


I feel a bit smug now ! :)

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