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Spare Parts Prices


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Recently I lost one of the yellow caps that screws into the Alko receiver in lieu of the wheel lock being removed. I called in at my local dealership and asked about a replacement.

I was told that Alko do not supply them on their own they now come as part of the receiver fitting kit which was £25+VAT

To say I was taken aback was an understatement. Whilst the chap was trying to justify the cost I looked over his shoulder at the Alko website he had logged onto and the price for the receiver fitting kit was £7. 98+vat. .Now I know we all have to make living and businesses have overheads etc. which need to be factored but I thought this was a bit steep.

I had recently asked how much the cushions were to replace the central drawers in our caravan and was quoted £250 from the same dealer which led me to wonder how inflated that price is too?

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I bought mine from Alko directly. I have also bought spares directly from Bailey Parts which aren't too bad a price and at least you can see what is available. Dealers have a lot of 'overheads'. ;)


Ditto above :)

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He sounds like a robber. Terrible .


I agree dealers do have overheads but to make up a story you have to buy a whole kit.




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