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Caravan Gas Water Heater Problems


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when switching on the gas water heater in my caravan the green light indicating the boiler is lit turns red after a few seconds. i can hear the boiler click as if working then it clicks out again.

after several attempts the boiler stays on and there is no problem until it is turned off over night and turned on again.

any one any idea what the problem is

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Has there been a time when this didn't happen?

Or is this van new to you, or have you just started using gas heating your water?

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It sounds like you could be losing gas pressure between your regulator and the heater allowing air in. This would be normal the first time that you used it after shutting it off for some weeks, but not just overnight. I would also check that your thermal sensor is set up correctly near the flame, with use they can get dirty and need realignment. The jet to can get dirty and blocked making a smaller flame.

So the first thing that I would do is the burner parts, clean and re-set.

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