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Solar Panel Installation - Bailey Unicorn Valencia Mk1


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Just added a 90 W panel to the roof + freestanding 42 w panel - All fine kicking out 6amps at the minute . One ? do I need to include a switch on the fixed roof panel - Reason for asking this is when I switched on the Master Switch on Caravan Control Panel the Alde Control panel didnt light up - traced back to a fuse blown ( 3 amp ) on the top of the boiler .

Not sure if this was a coincidence,

The regulator is a Steca PR1010

Any advice welcomed

Landcruiser + Bailey Unicorn Valencia

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I would certainly fit a switch between the panel and the controller for when you need to disconnect your leisure battery. The panel can potentially provide a 21 volt spike which won't be welcomed by some of your van's electronics.

Land Rover is now back towing.

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