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Replacement Timber - Treated Or Not?

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Howdy! Have been quietly enjoying our old 'van, but this week decided to tackle the damp 'n' rot. It's about a quarter of the caravan, so keeping me busy (this is a cheap old 'van we've already had our money's worth from, but we've decided we like it enough to try to fix it).


Anyhow, I'd appreciate any help with replacement timber. I know that tanalised timber, aluminium and moisture is a combination to be avoided. Is the done thing to use tanalised wood, but use a barrier between it and the metal; or to use untreated timber, or to get untreated timber and use an aluminium friendly preservative (if there is such a thing?).


Thanks for any tips in advance, and I'll post up some photos when I get a chance - the amount of rot is quite impressive :-)



And whilst I'm here, though I suspect I know the answer to this one. .. It's clear my resealing of the awning rail hasn't been effective. Am I going to get away with smearing on another layer of PU sealant to fill in the holes/gaps where I didn't get it right first time, or am I going to have to take the rail off and start from scratch?


I'm going to have to start from scratch to do it properly, amn't I?

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I have seen tanalised timber used with heavy plastic wrapped around

stapled to 3 sides only to allow moisture to wick away.


Awning rail, remove, two people are best, I've only done it once and

used roof tile batten to support it.


Aluminium paint to treat the timber?

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Thanks, Gumdrop. Tanalised with plastic 'buffer' it is.


I did the awning rail about a year ago, but didn't put enough sealant on, or in the right place. So off it comes again. .. In fairness, it was the first one I did, and I've learnt from experience since.

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I used rough treated timber 2x1 when I did my whole caravan. Check out my rot in one of my blogs on here! I've also put pics from start right through to finish. It's an old 1974 so may be the same structure as yours unless yours is "new" :D


Worth a shot at fixing at least and saving it from the big caravan park in the sky! It is doable.

Compass Shadow 1988

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