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Kampa Air Awning And Customer Service!


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Hi all,


Some of you might be aware of my situation with my kampa rally 260 air awning. Basically having fixed my first leak another was found. We got in touch with kampa with the help of kampamax and I have got to be honest I can not praise them enough. With in a couple of e mails my awning had been picked up by ups and returned to kampa, then less then a week my awning is now back with us with all poles completely changed. My awning is now full functional with no faults.


So I just wanted to praise kampa customers services and kampamax on here and basically just say thank you for all their help. Great service and nothing was too much trouble, thank you again I am just glad it's all turned out well in the end.



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Nice to hear.



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Had similar service from Leisureshopdirect. Took cassette door lock out to clean thoroughly, and all the springs

fell out! Found details of lock on their website, and sent them an email asking if they had a diagram on how the

bits fitted, as I had not lost any of the parts. Following day had a reply saying they had added a photo to the

site! Fantastic! :):)

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Saw another post the other day where I think they said they werent bothered about warranty periods as long as the customer was satisfied with the product. remember thinking WOW, you couldnt really ask for better customer service than that, fairly sure our next awning will be a Kampa after what ive read.

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