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Affinity Front Locker A Tight Fit


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Having seen Safefill bottles in front lockers and talked to owners I decided to invest in a new 'Blue' Safefill bottle and got it filled at same time. However, when I tried to put it in the front locker of my 530 it was too tight and the top wouldn't go in at first. I emptied the locker and found it would fit if lying down and could be stood up although very tight where the bottle meets the top of locker door surround. The upshot is that I can use it wedged in this way but can't secure it with strap nor in the secure fittings provided so it stands to one side. I intend to carry it in the car securely held upright and to put in locker (will help with nose weight) when on site. It is that or have it standing outside with a long gas hose and a security chain on it. Any thoughts, worries or advice please?



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