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What Do You Call Them?

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Is there a fancy name for those plastic strips you put under your wheels to stop the unit sinking into the ground? We need some, but not prepared to pay dealer prices. Putting plastic strips into Google brings up a million results. :D

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Try Caravan Grip Mats :)

Volvo XC70 D5 Auto SE Lux

Bailey Unicorn Valencia

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Can't say as I've ever seen anyone put 'plastic strips' under their wheels, except maybe when the van needs levelling side to side - but those are usually ramps or planks of wood.


Once the steadies are down (on their own pads) then the wheels are unlikely to sink.


Or do you mean those traction mats to get you off the field if it's muddy?



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We use planks of wood if ground very soft or requires levelling slightly


We have yellow traction mats in boot of car but haven't used these for siting van

Unless you've tried it, you simply won't understand. .....

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