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/ :) Hi to all, my partner and I have just purchased our first van ever!! we are learning very slowly and have not been out on the road yet, excited about it all,partner still works full time we may have to plod into this, also because we have never towed ever, very exciting though. Wonder if we may ask which Club is the best to join, we thought we might not join any this year but start at the beginning of next year it seems they both have good sites and good discounts. Anyway any help would be gratefully appreciated be great

thank you.

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I'm a CC person myself but we are all different so there is no best. Try them yourself.


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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Both Clubs have main sites open to non members so probably try these till you find your answer?


Our main gripe with the CC is that its sites are over booked, so getting a weekend pitch reservation a week or so before can often be a pain; getting one 24 hours before is usually less difficult due to cancellations but require great flexibility in planning one's life.

The C&CC require deposits on booking, this may well account for it being easier to get a reservation.

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Don't necessarily wait until next year to join because you only renew on the anniversary of joining e. g. Join now and the next time you pay your sub. will be 5 Aug 2015.

The Caravan Club has about twice as many sites available as the Camping Club so more choice.

People say C. C. are more snobbish but we never found that so.

Facilities are usually much better on C. C. sites and tend to be a little more orderly. .......Peter

Peter and Sandy pulling a 2016 Coachman VIP 565 with

2016 Ford Kuga 2. 0. 180 ps. Titanium Nav.

Retired and loving it.

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Hi Karen . ..... and :welcome: to the best caravan forum . ... in the world . ....


For abit of balance . ..... we are members of the C & C C. we had a year with the C C but we find the C & C C sites to be quiter . ... suits us . .... why not try both . ...





Mine : Land Rover Defender 90, big, black and shiney.
Polly's : Land Rover Discovery Sport, HSE in Scotia Grey . .......
Towing : A 2011 Coachman Pastiche 545, on the driveway . ....... and now a CT Ninja, too.

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Hi Karen, caravanning is a long learning process and we are still at it after thirty years This is a brilliant information site about everything you could want to know. Did you know that there is a search engine on here at the top right hand corner. Just change the bit on the side from 'this topic' to 'forum' and you will probably find answers to all your queries. This isn't to say don't ask just that you might not have to wait for replies!


When we started thirty years ago and asked the same question we were told that the CC was the 'come round for a sherry' and the C and CC was the 'come round for a beer'. We have never been invited for a sherry in all that time so don't believe the stereotypes but I have to say I don't find either quite as friendly as years ago. Then there wasn't that much comfort in the van so you sat outside and struck up conversations that way. Now most of us [stereotyping again] disappear into the van to watch the TV in the evening and therefore are not socialising. But as a generalisation I would say having been a member of both that the facilites are slightly better on a CC site. In the end though it is purely personal preference so no one can really tell you what is right for you.

Kia Sorrento towing a Coachman VIP 575/4


Our blog: jennyandjohngocaravanning. wordpress. com

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