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Battery Flat - Ok To Charge At Home With Charger

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None whatsoever - it's just a 12V battery. Ensure you use the correct setting for your battery type (gel etc).



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New to modern caravanning so Im not sure what most people do re the leisure battery when the caravan is parked up unused for a few weeks.

Assuming you dont have a photovoltaic trickle charger, would you disconnect the battery and put on a 12 volt charger for a while?

Then reconnect it when you want to take the caravan away again? Or just leave it to discharge hoping it will not deteriorate too much if left for, say 6 weeks or so. ....?


What do most caravanners do?

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Most caravanners probably don't do what is best!


The basic rule is our lead acid batteries last longer doing their job if always kept fully charged.

In particular leaving it flat is very damaging.

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We leave the van alone - come back months later and it still has charge in it to use the mover.

Only once in 8 years has the battery failed us when picking it up from storage.


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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Depends on a number of factors:

-how long it will be left

-what the caravan drains from the battery when master switch is turned off

-how healthy the battery is

-will it be needed to run a mover or do you caravan without EHU


Personally I would remove the battery and charge at home if I was leaving the van for more than a couple or three weeks. If using a normal car charger connect it up once a month. If using a smart charger like a CTEK leave it permanently connected.

Land Rover is now back towing.

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