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Thetford 250


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Hi I'm currently in Croatia, toilet flush was stuck on last night and filled the bowl luckily not enough to flood!
I had to turn caravan off as flush pump wouldn't stop, I have taken fuse out this morning.
I think it must be the switch stuck on but can't see obvious way to get into it!
Any ideas?
I have found service agents in Ljubljana which is our next stop, so may get sorted there if I can't sort!

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Never done it myself but from reading other topics on here I believe you have to peel off the Thetford sticker on top of the flush tank to get at the switch and circuit board.

Best of luck :)

Land Rover is now back towing.

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If you remove the seperate plate on top, which is just held with mastic, you can get to the workings


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Hi yes I have found some pictures on Thetford site, it peels of carefully with Stanley knife, quite easily, and circuit board is underneath.

Will replace board £40 but amazingly in stock at my local Broad lane caravans Alcester, got family coming out so they will bring!

This begs the question why do they have this circuit board in stock, it must be a frequent failure item!

Hopefully the full light will work as well after!

Thx for your help

Cheers from Ljubljana

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Have replaced pcb but flush not working!

Have checked fuse in fuse board ok fuse in cassette bay corroded cleaned it but ok,

Does anyone have a circuit diagram for C250 toilet? I have a multi meter so could check voltages and status of switches!

The connector to the pcb has a 2 core flex blue and brown 3 blacks and a red

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As I've had good reason to state before, this design is rubbish. Who in their right mind mixes elec. with a damp atmosphere. ....answer Thetford do!
After several failures with mine I resorted to placing the fuse block & small circuit board in plastic bags & placed them out of the way behind the plastic 'pillar' at the rear. The fuse needs replacing with a better quality, not difficult, but finding one might be. Go to a scrap yard & get one (or several as all the fuses in the 'van are of the same poor quality) from a car at least 10 years old; these are thicker & much better made (ie. not Chinese junk).
The main circuit board has very fragile connections which are prone to breaking off as well as corrosion. Remaking the connections & spraying with water repellent has worked for me, not had any trouble for the past 2 years in this dept. (tempting fate there LOL).
Bring back the C200 cassette, I say, it worked reliably & wasn't flimsy to the point of being un-nerving to use. Then again it didn't produce a large spares income either.

Am waitng for reports on the Demetic version which can only be better. ........maybe, well at least their fridges are, in my experiance . I live in hope.

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It did turn out to be the fuse behind the cassette, I had visually inspected it and cleaned the crudded blades and holder, but when testing with a multimeter it had blown and on further spect ion in good light it had a minute break so alls sorted!

I will replace the holder as suggested above!

Thx for your help chaps, it's appreciated!

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I got a new fuse holder on long wires from a Autospares dealer, they are HGV,as was, type £2. ....


I now have red light on all the time. ........always something. ..as man sez ; a rubbish design for a 'rubbish job'.....



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