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Lyon To South Of France - Towards Frejus

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hi all, a friend made the above trip last friday - the trip was planned for 4 hours - it took 8 hours [sheer volume to blame], we are making the same trip shortly - has anyone tried the Lyon to coast road via E70, E711, E712, A51 I'd appreciate your views.





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We made the trip last year with the same issue so not a one off incident, started from Lyon then stop start to Valence. Can't comment on the route but can't be any worse.

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Yes, years ago, but to be absolutely honest I wouldn't have thought it would be a time-saver over the 'normal' route. It's hillier, and Viamichelin states it will take 5 hrs 55 minutes instead of the 4 hours 3 minutes for the 'normal' Rhone Valley route.


I think if you holiday at this time of year there's little you can do to avoid journeys taking longer than forecast, almost wherever you're heading.

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I concur. The south of France will be packed. The roads down south around Frejus/Cannes/Nice are also horribly slow at this time of year. You can mitigate the problem a bit by travelling on unusual days or at unusual times. This may help http://about-france. com/week-planner. htm and you can see that a lot of French probably were heading out for that weekend too. August 15 (Feast of the Assumption) is a real no-no for travelling - just keep off the roads that weekend!

Enjoy every minute of every day. It doesn't last nearly as long as you'd like, and there's no guarantee of coming this way again.

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Hi Caravanner 1, we have used the route you suggest about ten times over the years - the last occasion about 6 weeks ago. It is quiet motorway without much traffic for three quarters of the way, and the other quarter of the route which isn't motorway - which is plain to see on a map - is the highlight of the journey as it climbs gently up to the Col du Croix Haute through beautiful scenery.


As Val says, that section on the D1075 isn't a racetrack, but is always our preferred route. And if you have time to stop then the campsite at Lalley - near the top of the pass - Camping Belle Roche - is one of the smartest small sites in all of a France.

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