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Best Route St Malo To Sarlat

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I am considering the Portmouth to St Malo ferry route then onward travel to the Sarlat area. It would be good if those of you who have travelled this route could give me some advice on the best routes from St Malo to Sarlat. I plan to stop over at approximately half to two thirds of the way there for an overnight so suggestions of good sites for a stopover would also be appreciated.




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Rennes- Nantes- Niort - Angouleme - Perigueux - Les Eyzies. Decent camping municipal in Niort to break the journey.

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We do Cherbourg to Sarlat if that helps




I do it in one go which is about 12 hours with two half hour stops where i "cat nap" and thw wife does sandwiches etc.

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we did it in a 1-er last year - both ways, wasn't a problem

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