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Bognor / Chichester Recommendations?

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I'm looking for somewhere to take the 'van for a nice two week break in September within about a 10-15 mile radius of Bognor Regis - what can you lovely folk recommend?


I haver young children to consider so a nice play area is pretty much a necessity. A swimming pool, while not essential, is desirable. ... Oh and it MUST have EHU.


I loved the look of Chichester Lakeside, but they won't accept our van as it is too large :unsure:


We are not members of any club (yet) but are not averse to joining if the best site recommended is "members only"


Thanks in advance!!

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Try Scotts farm campsite in east wittering. Large childrens play area & only a 10 min walk to the beach.

Worth a look. :D;)

van Bessacar 625 towed by Mercedes M class 3. 2 cdi.

we do 6mths at home (winter) 6mths touring (summer)

Retired & loving it.--------- :D Adventure before Dementia. :P

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Oooh, that site looks exactly right!! Thanks for the rec, that'll be us sorted then :)

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Our caravan is also too long for Chichester Lakeside so on Thursday we are off to Warner Touring Farm Selsey which is on the Bunn Leisure site. Not as cheap as Scotts Farm but has everything for children no matter what the weather as we are taking our grandchildren for the first time we thought this was worth it

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They wee on my list to call, but now I've found Scott's Farm I'll leave the Bunn Leisure for another time :) Hope you have fun with the grand kids Wyann

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