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Posted this in the members area but think I should have posted it here.

Caravan keys lost along with car keys, lock smith has car and house sorted but our Bailey caravan is fitted with a Caraloc 2000 complete with security lock. Lock Smith suggest that we buy a new Caraloc 2000 and security barrel and then he will fit it as he fears that when he drills out the old barrel he might damage the Caraloc 2000.


Been ringing around here in Ireland and I can't find anyone that has a Caraloc 2000 or a security barrel in stock.


We are going to France at the end of the month and need to sort this out, any of the shops I have called say that they should have one in by Wednesday but what if they don't.


Also do I need a left hand lock of right hand lock? Door opens out from right to left but to lock the door with the key from the outside you turn the key to the right.


I thoughts are to phone a shop in the Uk and order the parts and pay to get DHL to deliver next day, I know it might cost a little more but I should have them in time for the lock smith to fit them before we go off to France.


So what shops would you trust and you think they should have what I need?











Land Rover Discovery, Bailey Senator Carolina S5 2007.

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hi there


take a look on ebay, plenty of new ones on there left hand & right hand & just barrels, look at the lay out and you will be able to see if you need right hand or left



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If it were me i'd phone bailey. they have a very good spares shop & will know exactly what lock you have on your van. They should be able to get anything to you as quickly as anyone else you'd order from in the UK.

I refer you to the Rt Hon Member for the 19th Century.....................pictured just to the left of your screen..................


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